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Private Sector

We were founded in 1998; we provide a series of services to all types of customers. Among them individuals requiring planning advice or assistance in relation to the submission of Planning Applications or in objection to neighbours Planning Applications. We also provide pre-application planning advice and in the event of need the submission of planning appeals. Businesses requiring planning advice or assistance either on Development Management or Planning Policy work to take their projects forward. Development advice including ways to potentially increase land and property valuation.



We employ only highly trained planning and environmental specialists who are respected Members of the Royal Town Planning Institute, the UK Environmental Law Association or the Institution of Environmental Sciences.

We can also produce supporting assessments that may be required to accompany planning proposals. In addition we have associated companies who can undertake biodiversity and habitat assessments, protected species assessments, flood risk assessments, arboriculture and tree assessments, and transport assessments including green travel plans.



We can provides a series of planning, development and community development related services to all parts of the Community Sector, including Parish Councils, Charities, Residents Groups, Clubs and Societies.

We can tailor a bespoke service to meet your needs, we can help as much or as little as you want or can afford.  We do offer lower cost rates for the Community Sector.

Among the services we can provide to the Community Sector includes Professional Speaking at Planning Committees on behalf of Local Communities or Groups as either Objectors or Supporters (where Councils allow such speaking).



Alphabetical List of Main Services


Advertisement Application Submission or Appeals 

Mineral Planning Applications, Enforcement or Appeals 

Advice on and Help Discharging Planning Permission Conditions

Mineral and Waste Development Framework Representations or Public Examination Appearances 

Advice on General Planning Matters

Negotiations with the Local Planning Authority 

Agricultural Diversification Proposals

Partnering, Framework or External Contract Services to National or Regional Government, and Local or Mineral Planning Authorities for Development Control, Planning Policy, Planning Research, LDF Production or Other Planning Services 

Alternative or Renewable Energy Planning

Planning and Development Briefs 

Appeals: Either through Written Representations, Hearing or Inquiry

Planning Appeals Including Evidence Preparation and Witness Appearances 

Brownfield and Previously Developed Land Site Appraisals

Pre-Application Advice

Commercial and Business Development Proposals

Preparation of Objections or Representations to Neighbours Planning Applications 

Compulsory Purchase Matters

Preparation and Submission of Planning Applications 

Development Feasibility Advice and Studies

Public Consultation Services 

Development Plan Representations (Local Plans or Neighbourhood Plans) or Public Examination Appearances

Regeneration Proposals Including Redevelopment of Housing, Mixed Use Development or Town Centre or Retail Planning Proposals 

Diversification and Change of Use of Land or Buildings

Site Appraisals and General Planning Advice 

Enforcement Planning Matters or Appeals

Sport, Recreation or Leisure Planning Proposals 

Environmental Impact Assessment

Statements of Community Involvement 

Housing Development

Strategic Environmental Assessment 

Initial Site Appraisals 

Supplementary Planning Documents 

Local Plan Matters Including Public Examination Appearances

Urban Regeneration

Past and Present Clients

Include: Laffey's Ltd, Roy Walker Furniture, Lindens Farm, Grove Pet Foods, Nottingham Piscatorial Society, Apollo Engineering and Frank Hardy & Sons (Farndon) Ltd

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